Water World Resort in Davao - Philippines

Located in the outskirts of Davao City where the environs are greener with lush trees, verdant fields and quiet, Water World Resort is a water fun haven. Here we enjoy swimming pools, food, and lodging.


Water World Resort is cradled in the vicinity of Bago Aplaya Dumoy, in the Toril District of the city. From the city proper driving to Toril takes about 30 to 40 minutes or a distantce of 10 to 12 kilometers. After we pass by Talomo and Dumoy Towns down southwest the next is Toril.

Water World Resort provides good swimming pool fun and activities with diving, slide, and other pool recreation and amenities. There are wash and shower areas, nice comfort rooms, and also grill areas for picnic along the pool. An efficient canteen is available in the resort for ready-cooked meals served at your request.

Coffee Shop

Water World Resort also provides tough caffeine drinks for those who need to sip a coffee or mocha concoction before dipping into the pool. The resort coffee shop is nice and cozy, affording a number of break-time snacks to perk up the mood. Water World Resort is the right place to drive out lethargy after a long drive or just plain work stress.

If a whole day of swimming or caffeine doses seems not enough, we may extend our stay another day or two by booking in one of Water World Resorts lodge rooms for Php 960 per room, or something like $21. The rooms are nothing too stylish or fancy but comfy enough for a good sleep and rest for another day of fun.

Water World Resort is also a good place to refresh after an exhausting tour around Toril and nearby towns like Talomo, Tugbok, and Calinan. Talomo is a beach site where sunken Japanese vessels are hid some distance off the shore. The Talomo Beach, quite near from Water World Resort, is picturesque.

Calinan Town is where we may look back to the distant past through its museum. Tugbok and Toril, on the hand, are full of memories of the thriving hemp industry pioneered by the Japanese in pre-war times. There are also the Old Japanese Houses, the Fukuwara Plantation, and many other war memorials.

After touring and bearing the Davao sun glare and the humidity, a nice plunge at Water World Resort will prove very invigorating. For inquiries call (082) 296A-12 16.

When we need time out from the hustle and bustle of Davao City life, we may retreat to the Water World Resort at Toril.



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