Victoria Plaza Mall in Davao - Philippines

Victoria Plaza Mall is one of Davaos most popular shopping centers. It is relatively small compared to the other malls or shopping centers in the city since it has only two levels. The mall area, however, is quite large. Not surprisingly, before the new malls were built, Victoria Plaza Mall was considered to be the whole of Mindanaos largest shopping center. It was built and opened to the public in the early 1990s. It is also the first mall that was ever constructed in Davao City.

The mall is located at JP Laurel Street. It has all kinds of stores. There are even airline offices and shipping offices in the shopping center. You would also find restaurants, boutiques, food shops, jewelry shops, movie theaters, supermarket or grocery store, business center, department store practically everything that you would find in most shopping centers.

If you are going to Davao and you are considering purchasing pearls to bring back home, you should definitely consider visiting Victoria Plaza Mall first. You would find several stores selling all kinds of cultured pearls. There are makimoto pearls, fresh water pearls and south sea pearls.

Of course, there are malls that may be near your hotel, but if you want to buy pearls that are reasonably priced, the Victoria Plaza Mall is your best choice. You can avoid paying for tourist prices for souvenirs if you shop at this shopping center. There are establishments in Davao that are largely visited by tourists for souvenirs; however, the prices are unreasonably high. If you want to avoid getting price quotations, you should go directly to Victoria Plaza Mall. You can even barter or haggle for a lower price! There are also stalls that would offer customization, so you could get the pearls to fit just right. You could also customize the style and design of the pearl jewelry you purchase. You could get the customized item after a few minutes or so.

Admittedly, the Victoria Plaza Mall has seen its better days. It may not look as good as the newer malls; however, it has its own share of restaurants that really do offer the best dishes. Youd find seafood restaurants and restaurants offering Filipino dishes. Of course, there are a lot of shops outside the mall. You should definitely try the Durian coffee offered by a shop around the area.

If you are planning to visit Davao, you should never leave without visiting Victoria Plaza Mall. There are a lot of things that you can purchase there. You wouldnt even have to deal with pesky vendors foisting off expensive souvenirs on you. Youd also find the most reasonable prices. Perhaps, you could go home with a nice set of pearl jewelry.



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