Uyanguren Landing Site in Davao - Philippines

If you love to travel and you would like to discover a place where history and modern living meshes well together, you should definitely place Davao in your itinerary the next time you think of going on a vacation. Davao City, geographically, is the biggest city in the world. It is the home to many historical sites like the Uyanguren Landing Site.

The Story Behind the Uyanguren Landing Site

You’re probably wondering what the Uyanguren Landing Site is. Davao City did not just happen overnight. Like everywhere else, it has a story to tell. The Uyanguren Landing Site actually marks the place where Don Uyanguren landed in Davao with the intent of invading the region. It was not easy for this Spanish “conquistador”.

It was in 1844 when the Sultan of Mindanao ceded the region in favor of the Spanish government. Governor Claveria then authorized Don Uyanguren, a political refugee, to travel to Mindanao, specifically Davao, and to subdue the tribes and invade the region. With his crew, soldiers and settlers, Don Uyanguren traveled to Mindanao. The voyage was long for this small brigade of invaders.

Don Uyanguren and his soldiers were not the first Spanish to set foot in Mindanao. Prior to the arrival of Uyanguren, a group of soldiers had already visited Davao. Unfortunately, the Moros pillaged their ship and slaughtered the crew. The mission of Don Uyanguren was dual in character. He was to spread Christianity and he was to avenge the slaughtered Spanish soldiers.

At that time, the leader of Davao was Datu Bago, a fierce Moro. In July 20, 1847, Don Uyanguren, his soldiers, a number of Spanish settlers, and another tribe landed at the mouth of the Davao River. A fierce battle then ensued. By this time, the Moros, led by Datu Bago, were fighting the Spaniards with cannons as well, so Uyanguren did not find it easy to subdue the Moros. In fact, they were only able to defeat Datu Bago when they changed tactics and attacked on foot.

The Uyanguren Landing Site – Commemorating the Spaniard Don Uyanguren changed Davao. He organized the regions into a province and called it Guipozcoa. He was actually the first governor of Davao. He controlled and developed Davao’s commerce. He controlled the ports and welcomed Spanish settlers. Fairly soon enough, Davao changed from a tribal community into a civilized and organized region.

Today, it is only the Uyanguren Landing Site that commemorates the day the Spanish gained control of Davao. It is also the historical proof of the strong determination of the Moros to refuse the invasion. This is certainly a place that you could visit in Davao so you could see where it all began.



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