Talomo Beach in Davao - Philippines

It’s right in the center of the Davao Gulf coastline where Davao City touches the sea. Talomo Beach is a marvelous beachfront full of splendor and rich with glories of the past.

The gulf bay is like outstretched arms welcoming whatever’s coming from the sea and everything goes right to the center, which is Talomo Beach. It’s the receiving end of everything good about Davao Gulf. Thus, we see rich beaming white sand on its shores, the gentle sea breeze, plus deep sea particles washed ashore—pieces of shells, corals, and small crabs venturing shore nooks and crannies now and then.

Talomo Beach is among Davao’s finest as gleaned from the resorts that bank on its natural lure. Resorts like Ammie, Jones, and Villa Victoria—posh beach lodges with high-class vacation facilities and amenities lining up the Talomo beachfront to take advantage of its appeal. There are even resorts with mini-golf, swimming pools, and scuba facilities.

We’d probably never imagine that the place was once a major naval beachhead in World War II used by both the Japanese and the Americans. Even Spanish conquistadores had realized its strategic location earlier. Davao City, through its shoreline entries like Talomo Beach, is an ideal gateway to Mindanao through the backdoor.

In fact, for a nice tip to serious scuba divers, there are a number of sunken warships just 200 meters from Talomo Beach waiting to be explored. Just hop in a banca, wade through, and drop off. Most drop off in the area are mere 20 to 30 meters. The water current is excellent at Talomo Beach due to the smaller bay formed by the jutting tip of Matina Aplaya to the east and the long stretch of coastline starting from Binugao.

In the mid 1940s during the war, Japanese forces came rumbling from the Davao City coastline, most likely from Talomo Beach, and headed up Matina Crossing to the city proper. The governor then courageously delayed the invasion at the Generoso Bridge but paid for the valiant task with his own life. Talomo Beach is a mute witness of the violence of war.

But today, Talomo Beach is among favorite Davao beach destinations of tourists all over the world, among them Japanese and Americans. Being rich in historical spots, Japanese and American visitors frequent the place and drop by Talomo Beach for a dip or soak.

We, too, may bask in nature’s generosity with beach, breeze, and sun, along the sparkling stretch of Talomo Beach in Davao City.



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