San Pedro Cathedral in Davao - Philippines

The patron saint of Davao City is St. Peter or San Pedro and the oldest church that can be found in the city is the San Pedro Cathedral. This was built in 1847 by Don Jose Uyanguren during the Spanish colonization. It is actually one of the most spectacular – if not the best – church that was built during the Spanish colonization.

What makes this church truly a sight to behold are the original carvings of the images of various saints that has been well preserved. The right wing or chapel of the church actually holds its old altar and the statues of saints that have been present before the church was renovated. You will most likely notice how well preserved the altar and the statues are. Of course, the renovated portion of the San Pedro Cathedral is just as impressive. The interior portion of the church hosts perfectly preserved images of St. Peter or San Pedro.

San Pedro Cathedral is actually quite picturesque. If you love taking pictures, you would surely enjoy taking all sorts of shots in and around the Church. You would find numerous vendors selling all kinds of religious stuffs – candles, rosaries, beads, prayer books, novena pamphlets and scapulars

It is common practice to close a section of the streets every Sunday to avoid heavy traffic and to allow the passage of hundreds of churchgoers who come for the church masses. You will truly enjoy the sights and sounds inside and around the San Pedro Cathedral every Sunday. Aside from the candle vendors, the streets come alive with colorful balloons and toys that are meant to entice children.

The San Pedro Cathedral is actually one of the few churches that are protected by the government for being a National Cultural Treasure. Indeed, this church has been recognized by the Philippine National Commission for Culture and Arts as part of the country’s natural treasures. In truth, San Pedro Cathedral is not just recognized for its historical significance; it is also recognized for its geographical influence and unique position in a region that is largely dictated by the Muslim beliefs and culture.

The San Pedro Cathedral can be found at the corner of San Pedro Street and CM Recto Avenue. The Church lies at the center of the City. You wouldn’t miss it at all. All you need to go is to hail a ride to the City Hall and you’d see the Church. It is actually right infront of the City Hall.

You have never truly visited a place unless you have visited its churches, mosques or temples. Davao has its own shares of mosques and temples, but the one church that you should truly visit is its oldest church, the San Pedro Cathedral.



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