Queensland Hotel in Davao - Philippines

Davao is said to be the city with the most diversity when it comes to culture than any other place in the Philippines. Davaos ancestors were said to have originated from Malaysia and it contains the largest population of ethnic groups. In this city, Catholics mingle with the Muslims and live in harmony together. A great place to visit, what could be better than finding a really good hotel where one can relax at the end of the day and sleep peacefully?

Accomodation Options

Queensland Hotel in Davao has excellent reviews and its guests keep coming back. The rooms in Queensland Hotel are clean, spacious and complete with amenities such as cable television, airconditioning and reliable phone services. There is also a fridge complete with a mini bar. One can get this room at budget price, for less than a hundred US dollars per night. Their going rate is US$ 87 and this is regardless of peak or off peak season. This rate is inclusive of breakfast at a cozy dining room where the food is excellent.

At Queensland Hotel, the staff makes sure that one has a memorable experience and they make it a point that they remember their guests names, adding a personal touch to everything they do. In fact, when they serve breakfast at the Queensland Hotel, theyre more than eager to help, always ready to get one what one needs. Their service is comparable to 4 or 5 star hotels in the country.

Once one enters Queensland Hotel, one is welcomed with warm smiles in a spacious lobby and one would feel instantly at home. The rooms are constantly kept clean and if the guest has any valuables, they can feel secure knowing that they can deposit it in the hotels safety deposit box.

Hotel Amenities

Aside from the restaurant where one can avail of the breakfast included in the hotels nightly rate, one can also go for a quick swim in their pool. If the guest has visitors or for a get together between friends, there is a poolside grill where everybody can enjoy great food and a good swim with their friendly staff ready to serve them any time of the day.

Queensland Hotel is found just outside Davao City but it is very near downtown. In fact, from the Queensland Hotel, one can walk to the downtown area to get access to important business establishments like stores and banks.

For that memorable stay in Davao where one will feel right at home, the best option is Queensland Hotel. It has more than just what the guest needs, but a whole lot more.



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