Philippine Eagle Center in Davao City - Philippines

Located at Barangay Malagos within Baguio District in Davao City, the Philippine Eagle Center serves as a haven for Philippine Eagles as well as other animals that reflect the beautiful and rich forest ecosystems of the Philippines. Increasingly, this place is starting to gain attention and interest from tourists and guests for its unique offerings. In a time of heavy industrialization and progress, it is quite impressive to maintain and conserve some of nature’s gifts in one special place.

Because of the Philippine Eagle Center’s beauty and charm, what was originally designed as an exhibition, slowly transformed into one of the most attractive travel sights within the City of Davao. Aside from the beautiful Philippine Eagles, tourists and guests can also see other exciting animals including various kinds of reptiles, mammals, and birds. Today, a visit to Davao is almost incomplete without dropping by at this special tourist attraction. The Philippine Eagle Center, which is supported by the Philippine Eagle Foundation, aims to raise the awareness of people about the conservation of their natural resources.

Visiting the Philippine Eagle Center is not that hard, as there are various ways and sufficient means of getting to the site starting from the Davao City proper. All it takes to get to this exciting place is about 45 minutes up to one hour of travel from the city proper. Additionally, the management of the place collects entrance fees from its guests and visitors to support its operations. By paying 30 to 50 pesos each, people can get a clear glimpse of the beauty of these special animals.

For those who want to learn more about the place as well as its various programs, the Philippine Eagle Center offers special lectures on various relevant topics such as captive breeding techniques, community-based program, and conservation breeding program. At the same time, interested parties can learn other significant issues like conservation education program, field research program, and the Philippine Eagle Foundation. For special education programs, visitors can engage in highly informative activities including open classroom projects, falconry, and keeper talk activities.

With all these fun and highly informative activities, the Philippine Eagle Center is truly a nice and enlightening place to visit within the beautiful City of Davao. For sure, numerous tourists and guests will come flocking to this place to experience the beauty and art of taking care of these wonderful Philippine Eagles. Through the highly successful programs of the Philippine Eagle Foundation, this place is re-establishing the glory of this distinct breed of eagles in the country.



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