Peoples Park in Davao - Philippines

If you will bother to look at Davao tourist brochures or travel sites, you would be amazed by how much the city or the region has to offer to tourists. You would surely say, “I want to go there!” In fact, you’d even think, “It seems really nice to live there.” This is especially after you have seen pictures or read reviews of the new addition to the city’s attraction – the Peoples Park.

The Peoples Park used to be the old PTA ground. This is where athletic or sports events were held in the city. The city has converted it into a park which has become the newest addition to the many places that you can visit in Davao. In fact, this adds to the appeal of the city or the region. This is one of the many reasons why there are many expats in Davao who like living in the city or the region.

Peoples Park is usually packed with a lot of people especially at night. You’d see various sights and sounds. Joggers have finally found a safe and huge place to do their thing each night. Not surprisingly, the traffic around the area has also considerably increased. You’d find a lot of vendors loitering around the park but you won’t really find any inside since vendors are prohibited inside.
You will find a lot of things inside the Peoples Park.

You’d find over 1,000 species of tropical plants and trees from the rainforests of Southeast Asia, New Guinea, Australia, America, Madagascar, Africa and of course, the Philippines. Actually, majority of the land area was allotted to plants. The whole park is a haven for horticulturists. There is a 425 sq meter area that is allotted to the visitor’s center. You will find a durian dome design building which actually stores the city’s collection of all kinds of bamboo pieces. There is also a 3,750 sq meter area where beautiful African tulips are planted. You’d also love to walk through the Open Plaza which holds a rainbow of potted palms.

The government has also built a fantasy-themed area where your children will have a lot of fun playing or exploring. There is a 16-meter interactive falls that dance or move with the music played. There are regular performances that are held in the Great Lawn or the Green Theaters. Indeed, the Peoples Park features a lot of exciting things that anyone, regardless of age or sex, will certainly enjoy.

Peoples Park has certainly become the landmark of the whole city of Davao. The best thing about this is that all these come for free! You just have to go there and you’d see all these wonderful things in Peoples Park.



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