Mushroom Rock Dive Site in Davao - Philippines

Located northeast of Samal Island, Mushroom Rock Dive Site is an interesting deep sea attraction that bares the secrets of the Gulf of Davao. It is a very challenging dive site where strong currents seem to prevent curious divers from seeing the wonders of the place.

Mushroom Rock Dive Site directly faces Davao Oriental and the Davao Gulf. Though there are prevailing strong water currents, the site at times offer calm waters especially during high tides. Experienced divers in the area will know the proper timing and being guided by them we can better appreciate Mushroom Rock Dive Site better and safer.

The best dive strategy is to visit the place for a dive in the Amihan period, but still aided by expert divers in the area. At this time of year the prevailing winds are gentler and the water current, though still present, allows for safer dives. However, beginners are not advised to venture Mushroom Rock Dive Site because visibility is from 30 meters and below—a depth not appropriate for novices.

When down to 25 to 30 meters, we see spectacular sights. No, we don’t see a bed or garden of mushrooms. The Mushroom Rock Dive Site derives its name from its mushroom-like shape rock formation, corroding at the sides. Experts say the wearing away is perhaps a result of strong currents in the area battering against its sides.

As we descend further down at a 90-degree angle and getting to 30 meters the amazing reef formations, corals, and fish types of Mushroom Rock Dive Site begin to welcome us. Deeper, pelagic fish with other strange oceanic creatures begin to show themselves accompanied by reef fish in groups, aside fro the usual stretches of coral reefs and mounds.

To get to this depth, everything depends on a well timed dive when less strong currents meet us headlong to curtail a smooth descent. In favorable times at Mushroom Rock Dive Site we may chance upon dolphins visiting the area. Expert divers say diving in the area is generally safe and easy. However, accidents happen now and then but only so when divers fail to heed their instructors. The best way to enjoy challenging sites like Mushroom Rock Dive Site is to stick close to our instructors and advices.

Davao dive sites, especially those in the Samal area, like Mushroom Rock Dive Site, afford views among the best in the world. As we appreciate this amazing rock and coral formation we also learn to respect the unpredictable moods of the waters of Davao.



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