Mt. Apo in Davao - Philippines

Mt. Apo is referred to as the Grandfather of Philippine Mountains. In truth, it is the highest mountain in the country.

Facts about Mt. Apo

Mt. Apo overlooks the city of Davao. This mountain reaches an elevation of 9,692 ft. Its top is flat and there are three peaks. The peak, however, is capped by a volcanic crater that is more or less 500 meters wide. You will find a small lake inside the crater. It is one of the most prominent mountains in the world. As a volcano, it is regarded as a type of Stratovolcano. However, there is no record of its last eruption or its age. The first person who ever reached the peak of this mountain is Don Joaquin Rajal. He and his party reached the top of the mountain when they climbed it in 1880s.

Hiking to the Peak of Mt. Apo

Being prominent in the region, it is hard to miss this mountain especially since it is quite near Davao City. Not surprisingly, Mt. Apo has become one of the most famous hiking destinations in the whole country. Many people dream of reaching its highest peak. There are actually several trails that hikers can follow. Hikers may either come from North Cotabato or they could come from Davao. If you want to climb this mountain, the best trail starts at Kidapawan City. You will find scheduled climb that you can join during the summer or in the month of October.

Climbing the mountain and reaching the peak may take you and your team at least three days. Of course, the journey is worth the climb. You will come across majestic sights the mountain has to offer. You will come across the Lake Venado, which is one of the highest lakes in the whole country. Near the summit, you will also come across the mountains old crater. The hike, however, is difficult. Experienced mountaineers in the country would rate the climb as 6-9 with 6 as the lowest and 9 the highest.

Preserving the Beauty of Mt. Apo

Mt. Apo has been a national park since May of 1936. There are over 200 bird species that can be found in this mountain. Unfortunately, the popularity of this mountain has led to soil erosion and garbage littering the trails. There are parts of the mountain that are denuded. There is an increasing awareness, however, of the need to preserve the beauty of this mountain.

Mt. Apo is currently being considered for inclusion in the World Heritage List. The Philippine government considers this mountain defines the cultural uniqueness of Mindanao. Hopefully, with increased awareness of Mt. Apo as a cultural heritage, extra efforts will be exerted by everyone who enjoy the bounties of this mountain.



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