Mang Inasal in Davao - Philippines

One of the fastest rising restaurant chains in the Philippines today, Mang Inasal offers delightful authentic Filipino dishes at three major branches in Davao City. With these different locations, people from all over the city can actually taste all its great tasting food. The enticing offerings at this very fine restaurant can be classified into six main categories, namely Paborito Meals, Sulit Meals, Pinoy Palamig, Pinoy Sabaw, Pinoy Merienda, and Pinoy Almusal.

For super delicious dishes, customers can choose any of the three delicious Paborito Meals such as Leg and Thigh, Breast and Wing, and 2-piece Pork Inasal with Rice. In terms of affordability and practicality, it is always nice to try any of the Sulit Meals such as 1-piece Leg with Rice, 1-piece Thigh with Rice, and 1-piece Pork Inasal with Rice. For some really nice desserts, Pinoy Palamig offers customers Native Halo-Halo, Saging Melt, and Mais Con Yelo. At the same time, they can try cold and refreshing beverages at Mang Inasal such as Milo Ice, Nescafe Ice, and Sagot Gulaman.

Although the food at Mang Inasal is undeniably and irresistibly delicious, these fine dishes are not that expensive. With a budget of around 150 pesos, people can already enjoy some of its famous and great tasting dishes. For those who love soups, Pinoy Sabaw includes sumptuous dishes such as Bangus Sinigang and Beef Sinigang. In the meantime, Pinoy Merienda features various excellent snacks including Krispy Kangkong, Kamote Fries, and Spaghetti. For burger lovers, Pinoy Burger and Keso Burger are outstanding choices. Pinoy Almusal, on the other hand, features delectable dishes for breakfast such as Tapsilog, Tosilog, and Longsilog.

In the City of Davao, Mang Inasal holds three outstanding branches. The first branch is located along Ilustre-Duterte Streets, the second at SM City Davao, and the third at Gaisano Mall of Davao. Before and after dining at this special Filipino-themed restaurant, customers can easily book at any of the hotels in Davao City. The Marco Polo Davao, Insular Century Hotel Davao, and Mercure Hotel Davao are some of the best hotels around. For less expensive alternatives, they can also try out any of these outstanding locations, namely Ponce Suites, Green View Palace, and White Mansion.

As one of the fastest rising restaurants in the country today, more people are expected to enjoy and appreciate the rich offerings of super delectable and tasty Filipino dishes at Mang Inasal. To get to know more about the restaurant as well as its various product offerings and promotions, check out its web site at or go to the nearest Mang Inasal branch.



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