Malagos Garden Resort in Davao - Philippines

A very popular and fascinating part of Mindanao, Philippines, Davao City is one of the cities in the country that provides attractive places for tourists and foreigners to visit. Pristine sceneries and enthralling beaches are some of the luring destinations in Davao City. To experience nature at its best, travelers and tourists must look at Malagos Garden Resort, one of the enticing beach resorts in the city.

Malagos Garden Resort promotes nature to its visitors. Guests at this resort will have a memorable stay since it has many attractive and relaxing facilities. The resort is also inviting to business travelers and their families since there are amenities that are exclusive for children.

Recreational Amenities

Landscaped gardens, orchid farm, petting zoo, butterfly sanctuary and bird park are some of the places at the resort where guests can relax and feel nature. The resort also has childrens playground and horse trails, swimming pools where kids can have fun. Like other resorts in Davao City, Malagos Garden Resort has function rooms where most of their clients hold business meetings, conferences and conventions. To complete their day, guests can dine and unwind at Koi Café, which serves dainty beverages as well as delicious and fresh seafood dishes.

Room Accommodations and Rates

Rooms at Malagos Garden Resort follow its nature theme. Superior and deluxe rooms can accommodate a maximum of ten guests. The rooms are air-conditioned and have television with cable connection, telephones, bath tubs and hot and cold showers. The rates for superior and deluxe rooms are Php 4,200 and Php 3,300, respectively.

Standard cottages can accommodate up to five people and the rate for these cottages is Php 2,400 per night. Students who want to visit Malagos Garden Resort can stay at narra cottage since it is like a dormitory. The rooms at this cottage can hold up to 50 people. The rate per person per night at narra cottage is Php 350. Adventurous people can camp at the grounds of Malagos Garden Resort. By paying Php 250 per person, guests can have tents, which they can use to make their campsites.

Situated at Barangay Malagos at Calinan in Davao City, is near to Philippine Eagle Center and Philippine Japanese Museum. Hence, travelers who have interest in nature tripping should consider visiting Malagos Garden Resort. This resort does not just offer relaxing and comfortable rooms, but it allows tourists to have private and memorable time with their loved ones and friends.



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