Ramon Magsaysay Park in Davao - Philippines

As one of the famous landmarks in the City of Davao, Ramon Magsaysay Park was established to honor the memory of former Philippine President Ramon Magsaysay. Many people consider its location very important as it features local government offices such as the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, Department of Foreign Affairs, and Philippine Tourism Authority. At present, it is one of the most famous tourist destinations, not only in Davao, but also all over the Philippines.

Although Ramon Magsaysay Park plays a focal part in Davao City, people still find the place very enjoyable, convenient, and accessible. To add more fun and excitement, people usually hold various shows, performances, and other forms of entertainment at this wonderful location. All of these events help attract both local and foreign guests to come and visit the place, thus increasing its value as a premier tourist destination. In some cases, schools and other educational institutions hold trips here to get a glimpse at the rich culture of the city.

As a highly recognized tourist attraction, people can do many exciting and fun-filled activities at Ramon Magsaysay Park, for they can unwind and relax at this beautiful place together with their loved ones, relatives, and friends. Some families even hold picnics within the area, bringing in with them some enticing food to share with their kids and their loved ones. For others, this place can serve as an excellent place to hold romantic dates as well as spend some quality time talking and mingling with their friends.

Aside from these purposes, Ramon Magsaysay Park offers some other exciting features such as the children’s playground, restaurant, and amphitheater. At this wonderful park, children can play safely under the supervision of their parents and guardians. Simultaneously, there is a spacious and secure parking area to accommodate a variety of automobiles. In the meantime, people can enjoy some really great food at a restaurant nearby that serves international cuisines, which at the same time provides stalls and food kiosks to accommodate its customers. On the other hand, the amphitheater can simultaneously seat up to 2,000 persons, while it can hold up to 3,000 persons standing up.

Ramon Magsaysay Park also features other interesting things, including the souvenir stalls, plant stalls, and skating rink. With the help of these souvenir stalls, visitors can bring home something interesting and quite memorable to their loved ones. In the meantime, they can purchase some ornamental plants and orchids for their homes. Meanwhile, the skating rink provides tourists and guests something fun to do while relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenes that this park provides. Additionally, there is also an amusement center for all the kids and the young-at-heart out there.



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