Lon Wa Buddhist Temple in Davao - Philippines

Buddhism in the Philippines is largely Vajrayana in character. This religion gained its foothold in the country along with the rise of the Srivijaya Empire around the 7th century. Archeologists have unearthed proofs that there were people who were already practicing Buddhism in the country during that period.

Of course, with the colonization of Spain, the practice of other religions paled in comparison to the widespread practice of the Catholic faith. So, not surprisingly, the number of people practicing Buddhism today account for only about three percent of the whole population. However, Buddhism has significant linguistic influences that are evident in major dialects in the country. The practitioners of Buddhism are scattered all over the country including the region of Davao and its provinces. So, can you find Buddhist temples in Davao? Definitely!

In fact, if you are planning to visit Davao City, you should drop by the Lon Wa Buddhist Temple. In truth, the Lon Wa Buddhist Temple is build in a manner similar to most temples you’d see in Buddhist countries. You would see numerous candles light up and lining the walls of the temple. The decorations are sparse with a few bamboo trees here and there. The whole place is designed to encourage serenity and simplicity.

The Lon Wa Buddhist Temple walls though are laden with Italian marble slabs that make for nice contrast to an otherwise stark décor. Walking through the end of a long hall with high ceilings, you will see a huge magnificent replica of Buddha. You’d also see a resplendent gold Kuan Yin and ornamentations featuring the life of Buddha carved in wood. You would also enjoy the serene atmosphere created by the lily ponds filled with carps.

There are many places that you can visit in Davao, but you should definitely penciled in the Lon Wa Buddhist Temple especially if you have always been interested with the teachings of this ancient religion. To some people, it is fascinating – even strange – that a huge Buddhist temple like the Lon Wa Buddhist Temple could exist in Davao, a city that is still predominantly Muslim in character.

It is highly doubtful though that you come across many Buddhists in Davao. Perhaps, you’d meet them in the temple, but Buddhists in the city are significantly small in number compared to Christians and Muslims. Of course, you would also find other buildings devoted to religious worship. In fact, there is a Taoist temple in Davao as well. Perhaps, you should also visit it as well. This Taoist temple and the Lon Wa Buddhist Temple proves how diverse modern Davao is.



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