Ligid Cave Dive Site in Davao - Philippines

If were fond of deep sea caves where sharks hide and we like difficult challenges underwater, Ligid Cave dive site is our place. Its got everything daring divers look for in a dive spot.

Located at the extreme northeast of Samal Island in the Gulf of Davao (right between Big Ligid and Samal Islands), this sanctuary affords the perfect habitat for fascinating golden cucumbers all around the site coral reef. Here we also find stunning varieties of hydroids, basket stars, and soft corals. Ligid Cave Dive Site also surprises us with a leather-coral carpeted reef from 25 meters down.

As we descend further Ligid Cave dive site we discover two curious looking caves. The site is named after them. Right at the entrance were greeted by cave crabs, scorpion fish, tunicates, rabbit and lion fish, moray eel, and razor fish. One of the caves actually has 3 entrance halls that all lead to a rocky corridor. They are filled with amazing numbers of reef fish, sponge crabs, and black and soft corals.

Its not surprising to meet some reef sharks now and then as we inspect the caves. Pelagic sharks inhabit their inner recesses and several ones from other habitats drop by in search of food. Ligid Cave dive site is a place likely to be visited by various deep sea creatures because of its location at the tip of Samal.

Ligid Cave dive site is difficult to find underwater and eager divers should face up to the challenge of leaving no stone unturned until the site is located. Few divers take the challenge and thus few people are seen in the vicinity on week days. From the shores of Samal it takes about 30 minutes to get to Ligid Cave dive site.

But divers who have seen the place give it high ratings. At a depth of 18 meters or about 60 feet Ligid Cave dive site already shows interesting deep sea life all the way down to 25 meters or about 80 feet. The water current is relatively calm due to the bay of Davao Del Norte, Davao City, Samal, and Big Ligid acting as barriers.

For a better experience, night diving is recommended, especially for marine biology purposes or marine photography. As were surveying Ligid Cave dive site we may also try peeking at nearby Balet Wall and Tagpopongan.

For cave explorers underwater Ligid Cave dive site will prove rewarding. Finding it in the deep waters is a great and fulfilling task in itself.



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