Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival in Davao - Philippines

Despite its legacy as one of the most progressive cities in the Philippines, Davao City never fails to recognize its rich cultural heritage with exciting annual festivities and events such as Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival. In August of each year, the people of Davao gather to celebrate this exciting and colorful occasion in commemoration of its rich and colorful past. Each year, this event follows a specific theme that will act as the focus of all the festivities and activities.

Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival constantly reminds the people of Davao about the humble beginnings of their ancestors as people who exist in conformity to nature and share their resources with their fellowmen. To make everything highly reminiscent of the past, people gather and display vegetables, fruits, and other forms of harvest everywhere. At the same time, they conduct parades wearing bright and colorful costumes that closely reflect the past.

Almost every year, new and exciting elements are slowly added into the celebrations of Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival. Starting in the seventies, the local people conduct tribal feasts that are inclusive of basic tribal rituals and dances, slowly forming the foundations of the present-day tourist attraction. Moving on to the eighties, the festivities came to a halt after turmoil surrounded the city, only to be re-established as the Apo Duwaling Festival in 1986. The focus of the festivities slowly shifted from the celebration of tribes into the promotion of Davao as an orderly and peaceful city.

Another turn around proved to be a crucial one as the local government of Davao decided to rename the Apo Duwaling Festival as Kadayawan. From here on, the modern day Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival has taken its current form, reminiscing the rich and cultural past of the city while featuring some of its luscious harvests of fruits and vegetables. Today, people perform lots of street dancing wearing bright and colorful costumes to help attract and draw local onlookers and tourists to participate. With this rich tradition, Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival is indeed a very special and highly significant event for local residents.

Held every August, Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival features numerous exciting, informative, and fun-filled activities such as art exhibits, food fiesta, and photograph contests. At the same time, the local government of Davao organizes mass weddings, beauty contests, and music festivals to add glamour and excitement to this annual event. Furthermore, dance contests, fashion and floral design competitions, and floral float parades are major highlights of the super fun and exciting Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival.



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