How to Get to Davao - Philippines

Planning a trip to Davao? Going to this beautiful region in Mindanao is very easy as it is accessible whether you will be travelling by air, land, or sea.

How to get to Davao By Air

The Davao International Airport, also known as Francisco Bangoy International Airport, is the principal link to the Davao region from other countries and the rest of the islands. It is the busiest airport in Southern Philippines.

With a capacity to accommodate more than one million passengers yearly, the Davao International Airport accepts international flights from countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Indonesia as well as major Philippine cities such as Cebu, Zamboanga, and Manila.

In 1998, expansion and modernization efforts started. The airport is now accepting wider-bodied aircrafts like the Boeing 747. Davao International Airport is a single-terminal facility with state-of-the-art equipments and a wide range of passenger services and amenities that caters to their needs.

Philippine Airlines operates two daily flights between Manila to Davao and the same number of flights from Cebu. Likewise, PAL has similar daily flights from Cagayan de Oro and Zamboanga. Bourag Indonesia Airlines offers two flights weekly to Davao from Manado and Hong Kong with a stopover at Cebu.

From the airport, there are taxis that can take passengers into the city. Hotel pick-up can likewise be arranged. Another alternative is to hire a car if passengers want to drive themselves.

How to get to Davao By Land

There are several options for land transportation that passengers can choose in order to get around Davao. Buses are the cheapest mode of transportation. Air-conditioned and non air-conditioned public buses travel to major destinations across Davao.

Jeepneys are likewise a popular means of traveling around Davao. They are the cheapest and most convenient way of travelling around the city. Outside the main road, pedicabs or tricycles serves as the mode of transportation.

Taxis take passengers from the city and surrounding destinations. Outside Davao’s popular hotels or tourist spots, there are taxi cabs that can be hired. They provide metered service and providing a tip approximately 15 percent of the total fare is common.

Taxi cabs come with meters. There are two alternative services in Davao – air conditioned and non air-conditioned service. The latter is a common scene in Davao because of its cool weather and fresh air throughout the city. The former, on the other hand, is the more expensive option but in general the price is affordable.

In addition, car for lease is available for tourist. There are several cars for hire operators located at the airport. Aside from that, there are car for rent companies located at offices and major hotels in Davao.

Davao City is home to several quality car for lease operators. So if this is the main option, there will not be any problem leasing cars. Depending on what kind of rental service the tourists wants to avail, the cost for renting a car may range from affordable to reasonable.

The good news is that these cars for hire have their own drivers so for tourists who do not have international driver’s license, there is nothing to worry of getting apprehended for driving without license. White Mansion provides motorcycles for lease.

How to get to Davao By Sea

Boats in the city come in different sizes. They have routes going to and from the various islands of the country. Small boats are accessible for those who are planning to go to any of the islands near Davao, like Samal Island.

With all these travel options, local or foreign tourists alike will no longer have an excuse for not seeing the Philippine Eagle, Mount Apo, or not be able to take part in the festivities of the Kadayawan Festival.



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