Hotel Cabaguio in Davao - Philippines

Davao City features a number of budget-friendly hospitality service providers, one of which is Hotel Cabaguio. Found along J. P. Cabaguio Avenue, this simple yet cozy lodging facility offers tourists and travelers highly affordable rooms. Its services are also very impressive, with a touch of personal care from the friendly and hospitable staff and management of the place. Although this Davao hotel is not that big, grand, and luxurious compared to other lodging establishments in the area, it still is one of the most inviting, reliable, and dependable. Because of this, it is gets a two-star rating.

For as low as 300 pesos to 900 pesos, people staying in Davao City can already enjoy cozy, simple, and safe room accommodations Hotel Cabaguio. More importantly, this place is a family friendly hotel, thus making things highly convenient for everyone, including children. This Davao hotel features a small coffee shop, where guests can spend some time to relax and unwind. Inside this particular spot, they can also order delightful food and beverages, including local and international delicacies at very reasonable prices. It also serves a variety of refreshing drinks like soft drinks, fruit juices, and bottled water, as well as hot beverages like coffee and tea.

In terms of guestrooms, Hotel Cabaguio in Davao City provides people basic room amenities that are sufficient to give them comfort and convenience. It features fully air-conditioned rooms, each of which has a cable TV for some quality in-house entertainment. Add to that, there is also cold and hot shower features in every room of this budget Davao hotel. The toilets are clean and properly maintained, which make things a lot nicer for its valued guests and visitors. More than anything else, many people love to stay at this place because of its super low room rates, despite the relatively high quality services that it consistently provides.

People can locate Hotel Cabaguio easily along J. P. Cabaguio Avenue, which is a highly popular spot in Davao City. For guests who love to drink, this convenient lodging facility also has a small bar, where they can order enticing appetizers and ice-cold beers, as well as other types of alcoholic beverages. For those who wish to stay inside their rooms, the room service of this fine Davao hotel is simply fast and very efficient. Furthermore, the management and staff of this place are very much willing to heed the other requests of guests such as tour assistance, fax transmittals, and wakeup calls.

Overall, Hotel Cabaguio in Davao City is truly an amazing lodging facility that people can greatly depend upon. Despite the super low room rates offered by this Davao hotel, the quality of its services is never compromised. For utmost convenience and comfort, be sure to drop by at this place when visiting the area.



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