Gap Farm Resort in Davao - Philippines

Out in the countryside of Davao City, far from the hustle and bustle of daily city life and from complex modernity is the Philippine GAP Farm Resort. Quiet and rural, not a few people have found this place strange—yet charming.

About 30 to 40 minutes from the city proper via the Buhangin-Panacan Diversion Road and through the Ma-a Diversion Road, then finally past the Ma-a Bridge, is the mysterious but fascinating Philippine GAP Farm Resort. Plenty of fruit trees here—pomelo or “suha,” mangosteen, among others—romantic mountainous sights, picnic groves, swimming pool, playgrounds, and lots of educational spots.

There are lots of visitors at Philippine GAP Farm Resort even on regular days because the added educational features make it perfect for field trips. The huge concrete letters lying on the trimmed grass on a sloping hill at the entrance announcing “The Land of Promise” never fails to fascinate kids and tourists. There’s an entrance fee.

Inside the Philippine GAP Farm Resort are animal statues we can ride on and have our pictures taken, statues of heroes, busts of former presidents, statues of tribal people with their costumes, cave area with a smiling Cyclops statue model welcomes us, a memorial to Lt. Hiroo Onoda, Japanese Struggler, and many others. About the Cyclops—well, word is that skulls with single eye sockets were found in the area.

Being romantic with the sweeping cool mountain breeze and sights of lovely hills all around, lovers frequent Philippine GAP Farm Resort. Thus, many suitors’ hearts have either triumphed or failed in this place, witnessed by Mother Nature. There are also religious groups that periodically visit the place to enjoy its solemn spots.

A recent addition is the statue collection of Philippine mystic spirit creatures dubbed as “Conferencia ng mga Multo” or Ghosts’ Conference. At the entrance, visitors are greeted by statues of popular Philippine ghosts and monsters like the white lady, “tikbalang” (half man-half horse), “kapre” (smoking giant), among others. As to why these hobgoblins and gremlins should include features at the Philippine GAP Farm Resort remains a mystery.

Among other scenic spots near the Philippine GAP Farm Resort are Crocodile Farm, Speed City, and Riverfront Business Park. When we’re tired and starving then we may proceed to Dencio’s Sa Hilltop along Langub Road not far away. Going home we may take a short-cut along a road at El Rio Vista.

A visit to Philippine GAP Farm Resort is breath-taking and revealing. And we better not miss it.




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