Davao Shopping

Davao is certainly the place to be if you are going to do some shopping. Davao shopping boasts of an excellent mix of the old with the new. You can go to a local market and you will find beautiful traditional handicrafts. Afterwards, you can visit a local mall and you will find branded imported items, electronics and clothes. The malls offer huge selections of various products.

Gaisano Mall

One of the most famous malls in Davao is the Gaisano Mall. You will certainly enjoy Davao shopping while relaxing within the pleasant and modern environment that this mall has to offer. The Gaisano Mall of Davao is a 6-level establishment which practically offers everything you need. It is the ultimate “one-stop” mall where you can go for shopping, dining and entertainment. The mall is packed with various types of stores and stalls that ensure a great shopping experience for its clientele. The stores offer great prices. You will enjoy a varied experience with each store. You can have a customized perfume at one store and then have a pair of jeans altered while you wait at another store.

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NCCC Supermarket

Your Davao shopping experience cannot be complete if you don’t check out the NCCC Supermarket. Do not be fooled by the name. This 4-storey establishment is more than just a supermarket. It actually offers various retail outlets where you can enjoy shopping for great prices. You can also enjoy their bowling alley, restaurants and cinemas. NCCC Supermarket is actually the biggest mall in Davao. You will find the freshest fruits like mangosteen, pomelo and durian in NCCC. You can also shop for tuna and have your purchases iced, packed and shipped to Manila or elsewhere.

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The largest marketplace for local handicrafts – the Aldevinco, is a must stop for your needs. In truth, despite the existence of many stores selling locally crafted products, many tourists still visit Aldevinco since it is the one-stop shop for antiques, batik, brass wares, sarongs, pearls and other handmade products. It is actually a mini-mall with numerous stalls. What is great about this establishment is that you can haggle for the best price. The better you are at haggling, the more shopping money you will save.

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City Triangle

Located across the Aldevinco is the City Triangle. This is one of the newest additions to Davao shopping treats. It is actually a huge food retail center where you can find numerous food outlets or restaurants and retail stores as well. This is where you will find the biggest computer retailer in Davao. The City Triangle is famous for its huge dining area which often converts into an entertainment area for concerts or trade fairs.

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Victoria Plaza

Victoria Plaza Mall is one of the oldest malls in Davao City. It was established in the early ninetees. A two storey yet very wide shopping center. It is knows as the biggest and widest shopping center in the entire Mindanao. Victoria Plaza caters everything that you are looking for, it includes food shops, restaurants, boutiques, a department store and supermarket, shipping and airline ticket offices, jewelry shops, movie theaters and other business centers. The choices are endless in Victoria Plaza shopping mall. The best thing about this shopping center is that, it houses a lot of boutiques and bargain stores that sells the hippest and trendiest clothing apparel of today's generation for a very cheap price.

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SM City Davao

Of course if the topic is shopping we need to talk about the famous SM City. Davao’s SM is a part of the chain of malls scattered all over the country. After a day’s shopping, you can relax by watching a movie at Movietime. This mall boasts of four cinemas. If you need to shop for some basic necessities, the mall has its usual huge Supermarket. Some of the “to-visit” stores in SM City Davao include Healthy Options, Naturalizer, Frostbite, Pritong Manok, Oroderm Megaclinic, Natural High, Retrospect and a whole lot more. The mall also has its usual stores like Ace Hardware, Toy Kingdom, National Bookstore, Surplus Shop, SM Appliance Center and Watsons.

Overall, Davao shopping offers a complete and enjoyable experience. You can shop for cell phones in one store and then move to another store for sarongs. The city has practically everything you need when it comes to your shopping needs and pleasure.

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Chimes Mall

Chimes Mall, a little mall found in the heart of the city's Chinatown. It is known as a specialty mall that houses power brands and special luxury items that cannot be found in the mainstream malls of Davao City. Chimes mall is the counterpart of Rustan in Makati with the regards to the brands being advertised. Alongside, you will see different dining experiences since it is the headquarter of famous restobars like Figaro, Banana Leaf and the likes of it. Chimes is the best place to go if you want to avoid the stereotype business of shopping malls. It is a boxy type mall with a quiet ambiance.

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DAMOSA Market Basket

Damosa Market Basket is the newest dinning and shopping destination in the City of Davao. It is located within the complex of Damosa gateway, a pocket mall that is home to numerous fashion boutiques and restobars. Market Basket is the newest alternative for shopping. It offers a whole new shopping experience that you cannot see in mainstream shopping malls. Most boutiques within the complex offers cheap and affordable prices for clothes and other fashion items. Market basket is also the best choice if you are up for a little bit of bargain shopping and bite meals.

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Davao Central Warehouse Club

Davao Central Warehouse Club is located in Agdao Davao City. As the name implies, it is a storehouse for merchandise and goods. A different kind of shopping mall that offers retail and wholesale products. It has a very wide supermarket and department store. Central Warehouse is also a main distributor of products and goods to a lot of convenient stores in Davao. Branched all over Mindanao, Davao Central Warehouse club is the place to go if you are up for great buys and affordable retail and wholesale prices.

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