Davao Hospitals

Davao has some of the most dependable and respected hospitals and medical centers in the Philippines. Davao hospitals mostly serve the Mindanao and Visayas regions. Here are some of them.

Davao Medical Center

Many Davao folks say this Davao hospital is probably the most popular in the province. It started as a 25-bed infirmary when it was yet Davao Public Hospital and later grew to 200-bed capacity in 1946 when it became Davao General Hospital. With further improvements, it became Davao Regional Medical and Training Center in 1957 with 350 beds and changed location to the Bajada area on a 12.8-hectare land which was inaugurated in 1964. This Davao hospital was designated by the Health Department as a medical center for the Mindanao and Sulu areas in 1971. Later, a mental hospital was added in 1986 with 200 beds. In 1992, Davao Medical Center, or DMC, and its mental hospital were upgraded to have 600 beds total. DMC is among trusted names in Davao and the Mindanao region as far as health and hospitalization are concerned.

Davao Doctors Hospital

Founded in 1969, Davao Doctors Hospital was designed primarily to provide a holistic health care infirmary for the whole of Mindanao. Today, it extends quality health care services even to communities unreached by other hospitals in its area. With competent medical and administrative staff and upgraded skills and facilities, this Davao hospital is among major infirmaries in the region in the forefront of providing medical services to the people of Mindanao. It is led and inspired by its determination to always “move ahead,” which is its service theme. Its medical college is also known as a source of competent medical practitioners.

Brokenshire Memorial Hospital

This Davao hospital was established in 1908. At the height of malaria incidence and severe malnutrition during that time, the Brokenshire Memorial, then just a clinic, was put up near the Magallanes River. Eventually, it grew to a 34-bed infirmary and was called Davao Mission Hospital. A hundred years hence, this Davao hospital now has 200 beds with modern medical and health facilities. It is among infirmaries in the region with reliable hospital staff and facilities that deliver adequate medical and health services. It specializes in internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, Obstetrics-Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Anesthesiology, and Utorhinolaryngology, among many others.

Davao Medical School Foundation Hospital

Also known as DMSF, this new Davao Hospital was established in 2003. It is popular for the wide-scale application of Minimally Invasive Surgery or MIS with the aid of high-tech instruments like video cameras and a lens system for anatomic visualization, the laparoscopic and endoscopic equipments for more detailed diagnosis to supplement therapeutic intervention. MIS is employed in the different medical departments of DMSF, such as general surgery, neurology, gastroenterology, colorectal, gyne, ENT, orthopedic, bronchoscopy, and thoracic medicine. Another hi-tech DMSF equipment is the Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment or HBOT which is a pressurized cylinder where a patient can breath 100 percent pure oxygen.

Mindanao Heart Center

This Davao hospital is so modern that officials from the Netherlands, like the Dutch ambassador to the Philippines, plus local and DOH officials came to witness its inauguration in 2008. It is fully equipped with state-of-the-art digital imaging provided by the Dutch government. Though located in the Davao Medical Center property, it is intended to serve the whole of Mindanao. Through online networking, this Davao hospital can send patients’ records to the Philippine Heart Center in Quezon City for specialists there to view and study. This online system is designed to also benefit Davao Medical Center, Northern Mindanao Medical Center, Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center, Philippine Heart Center, plus the Bicol Regional Teaching and Training Center.

The above are some of the Davao hospitals known in the region and the country.




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