Davao Education

Davao City aims to produce young professionals that would soon be the leaders of the future. This is why the city gives focus on the importance of education. Universities and colleges in Davao follow a high education standard that will help the students to become successful in their future endeavors.

Ateneo de Davao University is one the most prestigious schools in the city. It is a premiere Catholic, Filipino and Jesuit University which was founded by the Society of Jesus way back in 1948. The main goal of the university is to establish a good standard of excellence in both academic and spiritual education and formation in different fields. Ateneo de Davao endeavors to keep a strong and brilliant tradition when it comes to academic excellence.

It strives to inculcate the Christian faith and values to their students. This community believes in reaching out to others which is why they see their students as “men and women for others.” They live out this mission for God's greater glory. The university offers complete level of education from preschool, grade school, high school, college and graduate school, all of which are based on Jesuit education.

Ateneo also offers a Law school which emphasizes on the Christian ethics. The university is PAASCU and FAAP accredited, having a Level III for Commerce, Accounting, Arts and Science, Education, Engineering, and Social work. Level I for the computer sciences and Level II for the primary and secondary education.

The University of the Immaculate Conception is the only RVM university in the city. It is a private school operated by its President Rev. Mother Assumpta David, RVM. The school was founded by the RVM or the Religious of the Virgin Mary back in 1905. Before, it was only considered a parochial school of St. Peter, having only a primary school and intermediate courses being offered. Today, the university has three campuses all over the city; The Father Selga Campus, which holds various college programs such as Nursing, Medical Technology, Information Technology, Nutrition and Dietetics, Pharmacy, Graduate school, and Music, which is the one and only school of music in Davao City.

The Bonifacio campus houses the College of Business, Education, Engineering and Liberal Arts. Lastly, the Bajada Campus that houses the primary and secondary education unit. The university aims to transform the society as response to the signs to be one in harmony with the creation of God. The faculty and staff of the University is inspired by Mary and guided by Mother Ignacia. It pursues academic excellence in all units.

Established in 1946, The University of Mindanao is one among the oldest Southern Philippines universities. A non-sectarian school offers the most number of programs in the college unit. The university has made a great contribution in the growth of the Southern Mindanao through its graduates coming from the public and private sector. Today, UM has ten branches scattered in thirteen campuses all over Southern Mindanao.

Accredited by PACUCOA, it is by far the largest private university in the Mindanao region. University of Mindanao aims to provide relevant and appropriate community programs to meet the need of the disadvantage communities in Mindanao. It envisions a premiere Mindanao university that is developed to become a self-reliant community to having a quality life. It offers academic excellence standard of teaching to mold students to become good leaders and young professionals to serve the county in the future. The University offers a broad spectrum of education which includes College of Nursing, College of Business and Management, College of Engineering and Architecture, College of Criminology, College of Forestry, College of Arts and Science, and Graduate Schools.



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