Quaint City Hall in Davao - Philippines

First constructed as a municipal hall in 1923, the city hall of Davao is where all progress and developmental plans take shape and get approved for implementation. Today we see a potential Davao City but everything starts and hinges on the daily grind that happens at the city hall of Davao.

There’s strict discipline being implemented in Davao City—no smoking, no littering, curfew hours, no fireworks, among many others, and the city is known for its strict compliance. No other city in the country is as disciplined. Criminals stay far from it. These no nonsense policies and exacting implementation are all forged at the city hall of Davao.

Sitting along San Pedro Street and bounded by Pichon and Bolton Streets, the city hall of Davao is a classical building with two main posts in front and 3 archaic columns in the middle complete with pedestal-bases and capitals on top. It looks much the same as it was in 1903, with some improvements and much different surroundings.

Just at the back of the city hall of Davao is the Magallanes Elementary School along Pichon, and not far is the San Pedro Cathedral at the corner of San Pedro and C.M. Recto. The City Council is also in the vicinity. Along Bolton Street we see Durian Park where visitors and passersby get a whiff or taste of the fruit.

Davao City is considered among 20 most habitable cities in Asia, outdoing Metro Manila and Cebu City, and heralded by a foreign magazine as the 10th potential Asian city of the future. Of course, all these are possible through the hard work of Davao City folks, but everything took form in the halls of the city hall of Davao.

It’s easy to drop by and have a peek at the city hall of Davao. There are public vehicles around to take us there. If we’re coming from Hotel Maguindanao or the Royale House along C.M. Recto, it’s walking distance. The same when coming from Casa Mandayaw Inn along Quezon Blvd. Marbela Mansion along Rizal Street near Jollibee is also quite near.

From Royal Mandaya along C. Bangoy or Aveflor Inn along C.M. Recto we may need a short ride going to the city hall of Davao. More so from Hotel Galleria along E. Quirino. It’s a convenient place to visit where restaurants, lodges, banks, and malls are within easy reach.

A visit at the city hall of Davao provides a view of Davao City’s seat of power, as well as other interesting places.



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