Davao Beaches

Davao beaches are among the finest in the country. Davao, being bounded by a coastline along the Davao Gulf area, is blessed with beach fronts that mostly boast of stretches of white-sandy areas and clear blue waters rich with marine life even at shallow portions.

Samal and Talicud Beaches

Being enclosed by the Davao Bay area, beaches around Samal Island are generally visited by gentle waves softly touching its white-sand coastlines. The shore backdrop is lavished with lush hills, huge rock formations, and tall palm trees, with some portions showing sand bars where the tranquil waters have temporarily receded. Samal coastlines not only offer some of the best Davao beaches known, but superb dive sites as well rich with marine life and wonders.

Talicud Island, the smaller one right beside Samal on its south, is also surrounded by beautiful beaches stunning with white sand shores and crystal blue waters. There are lots more to be discovered from these alluring Davao beaches.

Pearl Farm Beach

The beach at Pearl Farm is probably the most popular among Davao beaches. It is on the island of Samal, that jewel of an island right in the center of the Davao Gulf. The beach front at Pearl Farm Resort is a well developed tourist beach destination with 85 posh rooms plus amenities, and facilities. It is a 14-hectare wide resort ideal for a retreat especially in summer. The beach here has a pristine quality with white-sand shore stretching for miles. Pearl Farm used to be where quality pearls from Sulu were cultured. Today, it is a much preferred world-class beach destination in Mindanao and in the Philippines as a whole. Aside from its beaches, the Pearl Farm area is also suitable for diving and other water sports.

Times Beach

Times Beach is the people’s beach in Davao where crowds gather for picnics or just leisure walks with family or friends on Sundays or holidays. It is a mere 2-kilometer travel by car from the Davao City proper. When low tide comes at Times Beach different migrant birds can be seen frolicking at its shores, like Chinese egrets, Eurasian Curlews, Whimbrels, Common Greenshanks, Terek Sandpipers, and White-Collared Kingfishers, among others. Davao City’s seawall or Bay Walk area is along Times Beach, so its one of the popular Davao beaches. It may not have the immaculate white sand of other tourist beaches, but it’s definitely loved by Davao folks, nonetheless.

Talomo Beach

Quite a number of Japanese and American vessels shrunk at Talomo Beach in World War II. So today, it is among Davao Beaches divers want to visit for these exciting deep sea wreckage. Talomo Beach is just minutes away from the Davao City proper and right in the middle of the Davao Bay embracing the Davao Gulf. The waters are generally calm, making them perfect landing spots for war amphibians during the war, and quite suitable today for swimmers and beach strollers, especially kids. Mergrande Beach Resort is located here.

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Punta Dumanlag Beach

Tourists are sure to love the sunrise at Punta Dumanlag beach fronts. It is when the sea waters are so calm and warm and the sun gradually appears in the horizon until it changes the appearance of the sea from a dim shade to a dazzling azure color. Swimmers are also often treated to a turtle-back ride or simply swimming along with turtles. Punta Dumanlag is a turtle sanctuary. Felis Beach and Seagull Beach Resorts are found in the area.

Davao beaches remain among the treasured tourism attractions of the country. After other sceneries have long faded Davao beaches will most likely continue to draw tourists locally and from abroad.


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