Crocodile Park in Davao - Philippines

Davao has always been known for its fruits, the durian, pomelo and mangosteen. Over the years, this region gained popularity for its sights and sounds, the latest of which is the Crocodile Park. In fact, this park is making waves as a popular tourist spot in Davao.

If you find yourself anywhere near Davao or if you are planning a trip to Davao, you should definitely visit this unique park. You should try to squeeze in an hour or so to visit the Crocodile Park. Perhaps, you could visit the park after you’ve finished with your business in the city or the area. There are people who would drop by the park while waiting for their flight out of Davao. This is especially possible if you would be staying at the River Front Hotel or hotels near the Crocodile Park.

The minute you enter the park, you would be greeted by colorful birds of all kinds. You’d have macaus, eagles, parrots, lovebirds and ostriches. Many are placed in cages and there are birds that are merely tied to their bird houses. If you are a bird lover, you would surely enjoy the experience. Of course, you’d also find snakes and monkeys too. It is actually more than just a crocodile farm. It contains all sorts of animals.

Walking further, you will come across the various sanctuaries of the crocodiles. These animals actually vary in kinds and sizes. It can be an overwhelming experience seeing all those crocodiles staring back at you, but it surely would be a great experience or at least an experience that you will never forget. It would truly make your visit in Davao a memorable one.

The staffs in Crocodile Park are quite friendly. They’d even be willing to give you a tour of the park and they’d gamely answer all your questions. They’d probably tell you that they feed the crocodile with pork or hog twice a week. Often, the staffs would usually toss the food over to the biggest crocodiles. These animals are separated and placed in an enclosed pond.

The Crocodile Park is actually a part of the Riverfront development project. It could rival the best zoos in the world. Of course, it is not as big as the other zoos you’d find elsewhere. The park is open every day from Monday to Sunday. It opens its gates at 8:00 AM and their show starts in the afternoon at quarter to 5. It is fairly easy to reach because the park is only about a 10-minute drive away from Davao City. You’d also find the All Aboard Jeep that carries tourists from the airport to the Crocodile Park.

If you are going to visit Davao, you should definitely make sure that you will experience the Crocodile Park. Otherwise, you can never really truly say that you’ve been to Davao.



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