Araw ng Davao Festival in Davao - Philippines

Known primarily as a symbol of unity among the wonderful people of Davao, the Araw ng Davao Festival is a huge event that marks the foundation of this beautiful place as a city. Right now, this city has already taken great strides in terms of progress and development, surpassing even some of the greatest cities of the past here in the Philippines. Throughout the country, this celebration is currently one of the biggest, widest, and highly anticipated events every year.

Numerous exciting events highlight the importance of Araw ng Davao Festival to all the people living within the city, which is basically held annually during March 16. Some of the most exciting events at the festival include Mutya ng Dabaw, Kasikas, and Banda Hudyaka. At the same time, there is also the Datu Bago Awards and Parada Dabawenyo, which act as major highlights for the festival. To add flavor, color, and more excitement to the festivities, event organizers even hold cultural presentations, concerts, and songwriting contests. The festival helps the people of Davao reminisce, cherish, as well as appreciate the colorful history and tradition of their past.

As one of the major activities at Araw ng Davao Festival, Mutya ng Dabaw is a competition of beauty, brains, and talents for the right to represent the city as Ambassador of Goodwill. Every year, some of the most beautiful, intelligent, and talented young women from all over the place gather to compete for the prestigious title. In the meantime, Kasikas and Banda Hudyaka are major events that offer lots of surprises for participants. Numerous vibrant and festive people occupy the major streets of Davao, while the band plays some really lively music to pump up and put everyone in a festive mood.

Moreover, another key event that marks Araw ng Davao Festival is the presentation of the so-called Datu Bago Awards. In recognition to some of the best people of Davao, the city government is providing awards to individuals who have exemplified the characteristics of a true Dabawenyo. On the other hand, Parada Dabawenyo symbolizes the unity of the citys local residents by holding a colorful parade at the main streets of the city. All of these special events combine to form one exciting and fun-filled spectacle that is Araw ng Davao Festival.

Araw ng Davao Festival offers tourists and guests the wonderful opportunity to see and feel the rich culture and tradition of Dabawenyos. Through these lively and vibrant festivities, the world can witness and see the cheerfulness, friendliness, and unity among these people. Get to know more about the wonderful and fascinating city of Davao by joining these fun-filled events and activities.



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