Ahfat Seafood in Davao - Philippines

Located within Victoria Plaza Compound along J.P. Laurel Avenue at Bajada, Ahfat Seafood is a very popular Davao City restaurant that offers exquisite and delightful Chinese dishes at super affordable prices. With food as its primary concern, this dining location provides guests with great-tasting dishes like Sautéed Big Scallop, Pompano with Alexander Sauce, and Taiwan Pechay with Garlic and Salted Fish. It also offers other top-rating dishes like Spare Ribs with Taro, Prawns with Lobster Sauce, and Minced Pork with Lettuce.

The average price range for all the exciting and enticing Chinese dishes at Ahfat Seafood Restaurant stands between 150 and 250 pesos. With that kind of budget, guests can already enjoy a lot of great-tasting food at this wonderful dining location. The place may not be that flashy or elegant, but it still reflects a very nice and clean atmosphere. Other nice dishes to try at Ahfat Seafood Restaurant include Shrimp Gambas, Yang Chow Fried Rice, and Hot and Sour Soup. In the meantime, a visit to this place is not complete without trying other special dishes like Seafood Roll and Spicy Spare Ribs.

Ahfat Seafood Restaurant is not that elegant looking compared to other first-class dining locations, but customers can be sure that there are numerous enticing, exquisite, and delightful dishes available here. This restaurant tries to project a real authentic Chinese setting by displaying colorful designs like red lanterns and red dragons, which strongly symbolize the rich Chinese culture. Although not recommended for dates or other forms of romantic meetings, this place is still a very nice one to use for holding special fun-filled events like birthdays, reunions, and the like. Furthermore, people who really love great-tasting and affordable food must never miss this nice dining location.

With other great dishes to offer like Spicy Pork Ribs, Steamed Lapu-Lapu, and Steamed Slipper Lobsters, Ahfat Seafood Restaurant really features a superabundance of excellent dishes. Not only that, the place is also located near huge hotels and other important commercial establishments within Davao City, making it one of the most accessible restaurants in the area. From here, customers can easily go and stay at places like Linmarr Hotel, Humbertos Hotel, and Crown Regency Hotel. At the same time, they can also try other popular hospitality service providers such as Hotel Galleria, Tower Inn, and the Royal Mandaya Hotel.

For interested parties, they can make inquiries or special reservations by dialing the numbers (082)-224-0002, (082)-225-5787, and (082)-226-2688. From here, they can ask questions directly from the friendly and very accommodating restaurant staff. For people staying in Davao City, never miss the chance to experience great tasting, sumptuous, and delightful Chinese dishes at Ahfat Seafood Restaurant.



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